GLS Lifts Pvt. Ltd is committed to delivering high quality Elevators, Escalators and Services were the pinnacle of customer safety, service, and satisfaction.

INSTALLATION SERVICE: GLS brings to you its expertise in the supply & installation of various types of elevators and escalators from OEMs with TUY & 9001 certification in the Europe and Far East. Thorough understanding of your requirements helps us to propose the most optimal solution that is cost effective, with better features. Post installation, GLS has a highly motivated and committed team of service support includes Quality & Performance checks, availability of essential spares on call service support.

MODERNIZATION SERVICE: If you chose to modernize your existing elevator / escalator, GL offers you irresistible solutions that protect your investment while upgrading a modernising your existing setup taking into consideration its design, current condition and the manufacturer The proposal from GLS consists of the feasibility report and the most optimal solution.

Maintenance & Service Support: 

We, at GLS deeply understand that a breakdown in the vertical transportation indus means untold inconveniences to users, owners and the management. Well thought preventive maintenance schedules to reduce wear & tear and minimize chances for breakdown is our strength.